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A Brief Introduction of Xi¡¯an Engineering Investigation and Design Institute of China National Non-ferrous Metals Industry

Since it was founded in 1964, Xi¡¯an Engineering Investigation and Design Institute of China National Non-ferrous Metals Industry, over the past 40 years, has developed into a large enterprise of Class A integrating investigation, design, construction, testing and supervision with strong technological strength and professional in academic disciplines, modern investigation and testing means, high technology and management level. Its affiliates include Xi¡¯an Geotechnical Engineering Corporation of China National Non-ferrous Metals Industry, Shaanxi Youser Xikan Testing Co. Ltd., Xi¡¯an Xikan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Wantong New Type Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Wanji Construction Supervision Co., Ltd., Judicial Authentication Office of Shaanxi Wan¡¯an Construction Projects. The branch offices of the institute are also established in Shenzhen, Shanxi, Henan, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Zhejiang, Ningxia, Tianjin and Sichuan.

The Institute is in the first group of comprehensive type and class A engineering investigation units and first grade foundation bed and foundation engineering foundation professional contracting enterprises inspected and approved by the national-level authority, it has obtained the honorary titles of ¡°National Advanced Engineering Investigation Unit¡±, ¡°China Top 100 Investigation Design Units in comprehensive strength¡± and ¡°China Construction System Enterprise Reputation AAA Grade Unit¡± and has been evaluated as ¡°Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise¡± by Shaanxi Provincial People¡¯s Government for consecutive years, and it was evaluated as ¡° Honest Unit in Investigation and Design Industry in Shaanxi Province and China¡± in 2007.

The Institute also has Class A Qualification Certificate for Surveying and Mapping, Class A Qualification Certificate for Engineering Consultation, First Grade Qualification Certificate for Evaluation of the Earthquake Resistance on Engineering Site¡±, Qualification Certificate for Engineering Investigation, Design, Construction, Evaluation for Geologic Hazard Prevention and Control, Second Grade Qualification Certificate for Supervision, Qualification Certificate for Drilling, Qualification Certificate for Building Axis Survey, Qualification Certificate for Artificial Foundation Testing. The Institute has already passed GB/T 19001-2000¡ªISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification, GB/T 24001-2004¡ªISO 14001£º2004 Environmental Management System Certification and GB/T 28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and National Metrological Authentication.

The institute currently has 731 employees including 448 engineering technical personnel in different academic disciplines, 10 experts who enjoy Government Special Subsidy, 1 expert with outstanding contribution in Shaanxi, 36 national registered geotechnical engineers, 12 national registered advisory engineers, 48 national registered construction engineers, 119 state-level project manager and 44 national and provincial registered supervising engineers, and is provided with nearly one thousand equipments and instruments such as geotechnical engineering construction equipment, drilling machine, geotechnical testing instrument, in situ test set, engineering surveying instrument, geophysical prospecting instrument, computers, etc.

The existing business involves geotechnical engineering investigation, design and consultation; geotechnical engineering control; geotechnical engineering testing; surveying and mapping engineering and consultation; hydro-geological investigation and consultation; supervision and consultation. Over past 40 years, the Institute has played an active role in engineering investigation development and technological progress in China and has undertaken the construction tasks of non-ferrous metals bases such as Baiyin, Jinchuan, Zhongtiaoshan, Jinduicheng, Hejing, Jiaozuo, Xining, Qingtongxia etc. and iron and steel industrial bases such as Anshang, Benxi, Taiyuan, Shanghai Baoshan, Beijing etc. and petroleum production bases such as Shengli, Zhongyuan, Jidong, Qinghai, Tarim; the design, construction, consultation and supervision for engineering investigation and geotechnical engineering for municipal construction such as Xi¡¯an, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Haikou, Tianjin etc. in addition, it also participated in international cooperation projects such as in Iraq. In addition, the Institute has accumulated rich experience in engineering investigation and research for many years, and has obtained great achievements. Since 1986, the institute has been successively awarded 59 scientific and technical progress rewards at national, ministerial & provincial level and 68 excellent engineering rewards, and has edited and participated in compilation of 33 national, industrial and local standards, of which, 17 standards won prizes.

Xi¡¯an Geotechnical Engineering Corporation of China National Non-Ferrous Metals Industry, established in 1984, has achieved better economic benefit and social benefit by adopting new technique and new technology, new equipment for new market development based on its strong technical strength and rich working experience. In addition, it has allocated a great number of technical personnel and equipments and obtained the outstanding achievements in terms of deep foundation pit supporting, highway slope reinforcement and road foundation settlement and reinforcement, the foundation reinforcement of bridge in danger and dilapidated houses in North China and Central China and Northwest. In 2008, the company extended its business toward oversees market by participation in construction projects in Trinidad and Tobago of South America, resulting in an annual output value of more than RMB 300 million yuan.
Xi¡¯an Xikan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2000 and a subsidiary wholly owned by Xi¡¯an Engineering Investigation and Design Research Institute, is a real estate development enterprise subject to approval by Xi¡¯an Municipal Committee of Urban and Rural Construction. Since its establishment, the company has been market oriented and has actively looked for development projects following transformed mechanism, enforced management and enhanced revenue and controlled expenditure; as a result, it was appraised successively in 2004, 2005 and 2006 as an ¡°enterprise reliable in contract and reputation¡± by Xi¡¯an Municipal Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce. Some projects such as Lotus Luxury Residential Area and Xikan Xinyuan Community were developed in succession by the company.

Shaanxi Wantong New Type Building Materials Co., Ltd., established in 2007 by Xi¡¯an Engineering Investigation and Design Research Institute, has state-of-the-art production technology and tubular pile manufacturing machines in China, fluent and reasonably structured. The product ¡°pre-stress strong concrete tubular pile (PHC pile)¡±, produced with mature technology characterized by industrialization and standardization, features top quality, high bearing capacity, strong penetrating power, sufficient anti-cracking ability, rapid construction, simple on-site supervision and fairly low construction cost. The tubular pile product not only improving engineering quality of groundwork and cutting short construction period but also reducing construction cost of groundwork to minimum can be widely used in industries, civil construction, railway, highway, bridge, port, wharf and irrigation works as well as in foundation construction of large equipments.

Shaanxi Youser Xikan Testing Co., Ltd., founded in 2008 by Xi¡¯an Engineering Investigation and Design Research Institute and developed from previous ¡°No.3 Check Station of Artificial Foundation Engineering Quality of Shaanxi Construction Projects¡± approved by Department of Construction of Shaanxi Province, has four test rooms. The company possesses the quality certificate for Xi¡¯an Pile Foundation Quality Check Station of China Non-ferrous Metal Industry issued by Ministry of Construction and the quality certificate for Artificial Foundation Engineering Quality Check, and is the first of same national industry who passed in 1995 the measurement certification by national authentication and supervision committee, thus becoming a state-level testing lab. The company has passed the certification of quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system, and appraised in successive years as ¡°Dually Civilized Unit¡± and ¡°Advanced Check Station¡± by Department of Construction of Shaanxi Province. Several thousands of projects of artificial foundation engineering quality check have been accomplished by this company, which could exhibit its comparably strong and influencing power in the field of checking artificial foundation quality in Shaanxi.

Looking into the future, the Institute shall fulfill obligations, abide by commitment and seek for development by superiority in terms of talent, technology, fund, equipment and quality, and shall sincerely cooperate with all walks of life using its advanced technological means, powerful equipment, and convenient service so as to jointly embrace the prosperous future.


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